Hats & Home

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Hats & Home. Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home. Cheesy song but what does it mean?

Some people are big hat wearers, myself included. I don’t feel quite complete without a chapeau in my bag, ready to pop on whenever the sun hits. Or you feel like being anonymous. Or any other reason, really. I find hats reassuring. They can be glamorous and jaunty or practical and even a life saver.

Moving on. This summer has been one of constant transit – between houses and moving every few days to yet another Airbnb or hotel. In a way, it’s been cathartic, finding out just what you really need in life. It has helped that our little chicken is travelling for the summer, away from the continual upheaval of packing bags, unpacking bags and being in domestic limbo whilst your life is stacked up in a container.

It’s been a god-send that the summer is as hot as it is, apart from lashing rain in Cornwall for a few days. Certainly helped to reduce the clothes and shoes requirement. The camping trip to the Loire Valley fell by the wayside – managed a night on the floor of the sister-in-law’s pub in Bristol. The camping stove came in useful though and Hubs has knocked up a fair few steaks on hotel terraces. Up-sell we are not…

Back to the hat. My companion of choice this summer has been my ‘Ibiza Strippers Hat’ as Hubs calls it – a jolly orange number. Hubs has joined in with his gaucho straw one bought in Girona. He’s not ready for Panamas yet – a bit stiff, literally. My Pa is a big hat wearer too. He told me at a summer party recently that his mother’s family had a hat emporium in Preston. Why don’t parents tell you these fascinating facts earlier on? Explains our love of head wear and my retail genes.

Anyway, my current hat is looking forward to being hung up on its row of hooks with all the other hats in our new house in just a couple of weeks now. In the meantime, beach fun in Cadaques, my absolute favourite place. Chapeau…

Peace and love to all hat wearers and beach lovers…. XXXXXX

Yoga Orford Mondays – last one 13th with Keira – then resume Monday 3rd September. See you there… XXXX


Blue Sky Thinking

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So what happens when you throw your life into the air?

Well, if it’s planned, surely all good. What could be better than cashing in your chips before you lose your marbles?

If you’re 20 or 30 years old, this might sound like privileged old farts spouted forth their version of enlightenment, but, believe me,it’s not… we have been through the mill. Not just once. Maybe three or four times.

Anyway, onto the point. SNAFU. It’s a liberating thing to make a massive change, shake off the shackles whilst still feeling young enough to embrace the new.

Okay, we haven’t gone far yet – stage 1, downsizing in our much loved and amazing haven of peace in Orford on the Suffolk Coast – a lively, real community where life always feels like a party – in summer anyway. But the point is, to cease shovelling all the hard earned shekels into the coffers of the bad money men. Stop running fast just to live. Time to work smart not hard.

Peace and love to all strivers in life. Keep going and then, zig when others zag. xxxxx


Yoga Trapeze – Life Upside Down

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Yoga Trapeze – Life Upside Down. SNAFU.

Does everyone’s life hit a crunch point?

Of course and many times over. How you deal with change will be the making of you.

Last third. Yes, that’s where I have realised I am.

Your first third is all the making, creating, learning, dreams, hopes and adversity.

Second third is the pain and pleasure in equal measure. The horrendous fights with family, spouse, banks, yourself etc etc. The pleasure? If you have babies, that is it. Simply, your reason for being, as an animal. Procreation. Or whatever is the version that suits. Adoption? Work? Self?

Onto the last third. Either you give up and fossilize or you go on a mission to do it all again. I fully intend to be the Fockers. Me and Hubs, being totally cool and uncool. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, babes and whomever she marries, living next door. Come on, what have you got, if not your family?

I still see my parents and siblings often and I’m very grateful for that. In this modern world, family life and community is ever more important.

Of course, fly, spread your wings and make your own life. But family is the best. Big, small, gay, straight, natural, fostered, all colour, all creed, all background, any of it, all of it.

Honestly, I caught the royal wedding video this weekend for a few minutes on Twitter and burst into tears. It was Mum Markel’s face – watching her baby setting off on her new life. It was just so emotive. How we all feel as parents.

Anyway, filling up again, just thinking about it as my own baby sets off travelling in a few days.

Peace and love to all romantics. And skeptics. And yogis and just everyone. XXXX

Yin & Yang – Old & New

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An interesting and quite tiring month.

On the positive, completed the Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training in March to add to the Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Body in Barcelona which is awesome – obv. If you think yoga is for numptys – think again. It’s a business. Or is it?

Onto that. I started training as a yoga teacher from the dual perspective of former flake-out seeking the light plus putting my money head in gear – hey, maybe I can do what I love and bring all my former business acumen to this endeavour. Perfect life work balance. Yes?

Maybe. These few months have been a breath of fresh and also a reminder of the past. That is, all that experience in former career coupled with a desire to have a life more meaningful.

So, where are we today? A few low level risks. Some realisations that maybe one has to keep that pesky money hat on (in my case property work – I love and hate in equal measure) for a further while.

The pleasure of seeing happy faces sit sit up after a yoga class is price-less though and keeps me going each week. Does it pay the mortgage/s? Hmm.

One step backwards, two steps forward. So, peace and love, plans in progress and as always, listen to gut instinct coupled with a bit of Fly Freeeeeee XXXX

In other news- Art POP-Up in Aldeburgh this weekend – closes Wed – link here

Teaching yoga classes this week:

Snape Maltings Monday 6pm – link here

Barnes SW13 Wednesday 9am – link here

Mint Fitness Aldeburgh Friday lunchtine – link here

Henham Barns Southwold – Saturday morning – teaching a class at this fantastic regular event – link here