Flying Yoga

Just finished an amazing week doing the Yoga Trapeze teacher training in Barcelona with Yoga Body.

I did the 200 hours Yoga Teacher training here starting last September and also wrapped that up this visit, teaching some public classes at the Yoga Body studios, so it has been a fully yoga-oriented eight days.

How often do you get to spend a week of your life, just focused on doing something you love? Not often, that’s for sure and I am so grateful I found the fantastic Yoga Body organisation here in one of my favourite cities.

Not only are they a highly organised and inspirational team, with business savvy and commercial drive but they have heart and soul too. Everybody who joins the yoga training courses seems to feel it, whatever their personal background or individual yoga style. Yoga Body pulls everyone together as a cohesive whole. It’s a great skill to have. Plus, the ongoing support is there too, whether it’s continuing to learn, working with them or being involved in other ways.

If this sounds like a puff piece, it’s not meant to be. I’m a hardened cynic who’s been in business my whole life but I know a genuine and worthy of praise organisation when I see it.

Back to the Trapeze training. It’s an amazing device that looks a bit scary or exciting, depending on your viewpoint (for me scary on the first day – as someone who hates – amended to hated – going upside down, it was totally WTF, flying around at first, but by day 2 I was hooked). It’s not only liberating working with gravity but also amazing for your back, upper body strength and co-ordination. I felt like I was totally stretched out and taller at the end of each day. Shoulders like a hoddie too. I reckon if you did 20-30 minutes of Yoga Trapeze every day you’d be ripped. Doing ab crunches upside down sorts the men from the boys, I can tell you.

It’s not just for fitness training though, The range of postures is huge, from gentle to gymnastic. Even, simple supported stretches use so many more muscles than just mat work. I can’t wait to get started teaching it back in Suffolk. There are other similar systems out there but the Yoga Body Trapeze is really well designed, endlessly versatile, safe and accessible.

Anyway, it was awesome to hook up again with a few of the gorgeous chicas from my first teacher training and all learn the trapeze together. Everyone is equally special but particular shout-outs to Lorna and Zlata in Spain and Nina in UK. If you get a chance to take a class with them, mat yoga or trapeze, you will be happy!

Massive thanks, again to the team at Yoga Body. Top boss Lucas and the fab crew – unflappable Paulina in the office, patient trainers Katy and Camillo and the lovely studio managers.

If you are ready for a career change, as I was last September, or just want to add something groovy to your fitness teaching skill set, check out the Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training – or the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training.

Peace and love to all flying yogis. Hasta.. XXX