Hats & Home

Yoga Sequences

Hats & Home. Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home. Cheesy song but what does it mean?

Some people are big hat wearers, myself included. I don’t feel quite complete without a chapeau in my bag, ready to pop on whenever the sun hits. Or you feel like being anonymous. Or any other reason, really. I find hats reassuring. They can be glamorous and jaunty or practical and even a life saver.

Moving on. This summer has been one of constant transit – between houses and moving every few days to yet another Airbnb or hotel. In a way, it’s been cathartic, finding out just what you really need in life. It has helped that our little chicken is travelling for the summer, away from the continual upheaval of packing bags, unpacking bags and being in domestic limbo whilst your life is stacked up in a container.

It’s been a god-send that the summer is as hot as it is, apart from lashing rain in Cornwall for a few days. Certainly helped to reduce the clothes and shoes requirement. The camping trip to the Loire Valley fell by the wayside – managed a night on the floor of the sister-in-law’s pub in Bristol. The camping stove came in useful though and Hubs has knocked up a fair few steaks on hotel terraces. Up-sell we are not…

Back to the hat. My companion of choice this summer has been my ‘Ibiza Strippers Hat’ as Hubs calls it – a jolly orange number. Hubs has joined in with his gaucho straw one bought in Girona. He’s not ready for Panamas yet – a bit stiff, literally. My Pa is a big hat wearer too. He told me at a summer party recently that his mother’s family had a hat emporium in Preston. Why don’t parents tell you these fascinating facts earlier on? Explains our love of head wear and my retail genes.

Anyway, my current hat is looking forward to being hung up on its row of hooks with all the other hats in our new house in just a couple of weeks now. In the meantime, beach fun in Cadaques, my absolute favourite place. Chapeau…

Peace and love to all hat wearers and beach lovers…. XXXXXX

Yoga Orford Mondays – last one 13th with Keira – then resume Monday 3rd September. See you there… XXXX