Blue Sky Thinking

Blue Sky Thinking

So what happens when you throw your life into the air?

Well, if it’s planned, surely all good. What could be better than cashing in your chips before you lose your marbles?

If you’re 20 or 30 years old, this might sound like privileged old farts spouted forth their version of enlightenment, but, believe me,it’s not… we have been through the mill. Not just once. Maybe three or four times.

Anyway, onto the point. SNAFU. It’s a liberating thing to make a massive change, shake off the shackles whilst still feeling young enough to embrace the new.

Okay, we haven’t gone far yet – stage 1, downsizing in our much loved and amazing haven of peace in Orford on the Suffolk Coast – a lively, real community where life always feels like a party – in summer anyway. But the point is, to cease shovelling all the hard earned shekels into the coffers of the bad money men. Stop running fast just to live. Time to work smart not hard.

Peace and love to all strivers in life. Keep going and then, zig when others zag. xxxxx