Yin & Yang – Old & New

Yoga Barnes Wednesdays

An interesting and quite tiring month.

On the positive, completed the Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training in March to add to the Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Body in Barcelona which is awesome – obv. If you think yoga is for numptys – think again. It’s a business. Or is it?

Onto that. I started training as a yoga teacher from the dual perspective of former flake-out seeking the light plus putting my money head in gear – hey, maybe I can do what I love and bring all my former business acumen to this endeavour. Perfect life work balance. Yes?

Maybe. These few months have been a breath of fresh and also a reminder of the past. That is, all that experience in former career coupled with a desire to have a life more meaningful.

So, where are we today? A few low level risks. Some realisations that maybe one has to keep that pesky money hat on (in my case property work – I love and hate in equal measure) for a further while.

The pleasure of seeing happy faces sit sit up after a yoga class is price-less though and keeps me going each week. Does it pay the mortgage/s? Hmm.

One step backwards, two steps forward. So, peace and love, plans in progress and as always, listen to gut instinct coupled with a bit of Fly Freeeeeee XXXX

In other news- Art POP-Up in Aldeburgh this weekend – closes Wed – link here

Teaching yoga classes this week:

Snape Maltings Monday 6pm – link here

Barnes SW13 Wednesday 9am – link here

Mint Fitness Aldeburgh Friday lunchtine – link here

Henham Barns Southwold – Saturday morning – teaching a class at this fantastic regular event – link here