Yoga Trapeze – Life Upside Down

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Yoga Trapeze – Life Upside Down. SNAFU.

Does everyone’s life hit a crunch point?

Of course and many times over. How you deal with change will be the making of you.

Last third. Yes, that’s where I have realised I am.

Your first third is all the making, creating, learning, dreams, hopes and adversity.

Second third is the pain and pleasure in equal measure. The horrendous fights with family, spouse, banks, yourself etc etc. The pleasure? If you have babies, that is it. Simply, your reason for being, as an animal. Procreation. Or whatever is the version that suits. Adoption? Work? Self?

Onto the last third. Either you give up and fossilize or you go on a mission to do it all again. I fully intend to be the Fockers. Me and Hubs, being totally cool and uncool. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, babes and whomever she marries, living next door. Come on, what have you got, if not your family?

I still see my parents and siblings often and I’m very grateful for that. In this modern world, family life and community is ever more important.

Of course, fly, spread your wings and make your own life. But family is the best. Big, small, gay, straight, natural, fostered, all colour, all creed, all background, any of it, all of it.

Honestly, I caught the royal wedding video this weekend for a few minutes on Twitter and burst into tears. It was Mum Markel’s face – watching her baby setting off on her new life. It was just so emotive. How we all feel as parents.

Anyway, filling up again, just thinking about it as my own baby sets off travelling in a few days.

Peace and love to all romantics. And skeptics. And yogis and just everyone. XXXX